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Below is a post from our leading ultra runner – Shaun “Bomber” Crowson. The Beacon 24 was a race that Bomber created, raced, and used to raise a fantastic amount of money for a great local cause… over to Bomber!

Youth Shelter #Beacon24 – a 24 hour endurance run around Beacon Hill!

Firstly i would like to thank everybody that came and ran, supported and donated and made it into a fantastic weekend raising money for The Falcon Centre. THANK YOU!

I was up at Beacon Hill at 7.45am on the Saturday morning setting up the camp area ready for the runners, camp done i headed home to pick up my family and my bits that i would require over the weekend.

We get back at Beacon Hill around 10.15ish and finish off preparing.

Midday arrives it’s sunny but not to hot and there’s a nice group of us who set off on the first ever lap of #Beacon24, the first lap passed by quite quick (George did say it was to quick) as we passed to camp we stopped for water and food.

The next 3 laps all passed by and felt quite comfortable, we had good support runners from Poplar Running Club and Sileby running club which kept is ticking over with lots of chat (couldn’t shut Martin Button up)
On the fifth lap though the sun seemed to take its toll and i was starting to feel quite fatigued and getting desperate for the shaded areas on the course, we stopped for around 40 minutes after this lap for a good feed and coffee!

Lap 6 was possibly my best lap and we managed to run most of this with ease then the next lap we started a routine of run certain bits walk others which again served us well for 3 or 4 laps.

Into the darkness now and more of the pops had turned up by this point we was walking (at a good pace) the laps.
The unforgiving hard trails were starting to take its toll on my tired legs and the darkness just added to the mental torture i was going through, even though i was always with a group it felt very lonely at times.

As it started getting light it started to rain which for me was another tough point as we had stopped to wrap up, as we stood in the marquee listening to the rain (very heavy rain) i knew that i just had to crack on with it otherwise i felt it might of been game over!!

The rain passes after a couple of Laps and the spirits seemed to lift and i was now counting down the hours minutes even seconds to the end, the last 3 laps i was trying to run little bits but on the downhill sections my legs just screamed in pain.

The last lap saw my son Ellis join me on the first 2 miles of the route and his face was a picture when he saw the first hill…..

The next 4 miles seem to take forever but as we neared the end my spirits shot through the roof! Possibly the realisation of not having to run up that bloody hill again!

As i came round onto the finish straight i could see a good crowd had gathered to see us all home, over the finish line thank God for that…

I had done 15 laps, 90 miles covered.

#Beacon24 is by far the hardest thing i have done but can’t wait for 2016.

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