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May Day challenge race report, I’ll keep this one brief……May the 4th was the May Day challenge starting in woodhouse, a local very popular event, a strong team of pops were present, most running the 13.5 off road miles for the very 1st time. Pre race nerves and Mickey taking kept us occupied before the town cryer sent us on our way. The 1st few miles were all up hill into a head wind, and was proving tricky especially heading up deans Lane and the back of beacon hill. After the lovely down hill section of beacon hill another tough off road section followed heading to bradgate park, it was very hot in the midday sun. Bradgate passed quickly and we were heading back to the finish via some countryside I’ve never seem before, the pace was slow by then but as the finish crept nearer it was time to buckle down and graft. At mile 12 you could hear the tannoy system so we knew it was close, a few more fields and it was over, a lovely setting for the finish line, nice sun shine and a big crowd cheering up through the finish. After the race the local made chilly was amazing, washed down with the usual after race beer or 4. Run of the day went to pip mattock who ran her longest distance finishing in style with justin O’brien.

Pops results list
10th lee dawson 1:33:29
45th Matt wells 1:42:38
43rd Jonathan bott 1:43:27
46th Andrew O’brien 1:43:56
52nd Kirsty dale 1:45:24
61st Gavin helmore 1:47:07
77th Casey limmage 1:50:50
89th Darryl Hughes 1:52:26
92nd mark Harris 1:52:59
101st Alex porter 1:53:54
128th zac Jackson 1:59:03
129th Kevin brooks 1:59:05
189th Sharon tait 2:10:44
190th nick tait 2:10:45
280th pip mattock 2:27:43
281st justin O’brien 2:27:43
310th Sarah helmore 2:37:44
311th Louisa Taylor 2:37:44

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