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Thanks Morgan for the blog below, sharing experiences of being part of the LRRL this year, and future hopes for cross country

For the first time this year Poplar Running Club became members of the Leicestershire Road Running League and on the 25th January we all gathered in the cold in Barrow for 6 miles. It was only the second time I had ever raced and the opening of the winter league races. There was roughly 20 of us turn out for that race and since the attendance has grown and grown. I can still vividly remember driving there convinced I would never even finish the race and asking over and over whose stupid idea it was!! The even worse memory from the day was taking a left turn about half a mile in and just seeing a hill go up and up and up…

Since then I also took part in the Markfield 10k in the winter league and the Joy Cann 5 and Hermitage 10k. That last one was a particular killer especially with how warm it was. The one thing that remained constant was the need for beer and crisps after every race (best bit!)

Having been there at the start I couldn’t miss the opportunity to be there to mark the end of the season at the LRRL Presentation night. We filled a whole table in the hall at Grace Road and all the ladies dressed in black or orange.


The night started off celebrating all the clubs who had runners with 100% attendance and our very own Casey Limmage collected his award for this. We are all very pleased for him.

Having arrived early we were well positioned for the buffet break in the middle and after that finished it was time for the team awards. Pops were placed in Division 3 for all the teams as it was our first year and we did fantastically well managing to win both the Men’s and Women’s Seniors. Anstey came second and had bought two tables worth of people so we made sure there was a huge cheer when they shouted for us as the announcer had called them the loudest team in the league and we couldn’t be having that!! We sent all the men and ladies up to collect their awards with the respective captains there to lead the way.


The night was a great opportunity to spend some time with the pops without any actual running and we all had a really good time. All the other clubs were very welcoming and we are itching to go and score as many points as possible again this year. We managed 50 runners at Nottingham so who knows how many we can take to these races!!

This Sunday brings another first for pops with the first of the derby runner cross country races in Markfield. I won’t lie, I don’t like mud and cold so I will probably wimp out a few races in but I can’t miss an opportunity to be there for another big step for us.

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